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All Services Start at 10:30 AM

April 15: Earth Was Given as a Garden, Rev. Russ Savage – Ancient sacred writings paint very different pictures of how we are to interact with the earth which is our home. Are we to subdue it and have dominion over it? Or are we to tend it and keep it and till the ground? Many faith traditions are speaking out about our religious responsibility to care for the earth. Our Green Sanctuary program is an important part of this movement.

April 22: Our Joy in Nature. We have daily joy in all that nature brings us, never more than in spring. We’ll celebrate Earth Day with some brief readings by members of the congregation and some personal remembrances of awakening to the gifts of nature. Amidst our very real fears for the earth, it’s good to remember how experiencing nature daily sustains us in our work to preserve it.

If you have poems or short prose pieces about the wonders of nature you’d like to suggest, please send them to Marcia Kirkpatrick Let her know if you are willing to read the piece you submit or to read a poem someone else has submitted

There will also be time in the service for people in the congregation to speak of moments when they were especially struck by how much nature enriches their lives.

April 29: Liberty and Freedom, Frank Dixon. “Frank Dixon will not mention Thomas Jefferson in his talk, leaving it to the keen minds of his audience to notice that Liberty is not inalienable. Frank will also take issue with freedom’s goodness, while nevertheless silently suggesting that when our liberty is threatened freedom must come to the rescue. Confusing? Hopefully, after the service the confusion will be gone.”

Our Sunday Services are held at Hearthstone School
11576 Lee Hwy, Sperryville, 22740 
Please enter up the ramp on the West (right) side of the Building

Rev. Russ Savage, Minister, minister@uubridge.org, 540-227-3037 x2

Dabney Kirchman, Board President, president@uubridge.org, 540-227-3037 x1

Bet Jones, Treasurer, treasurer@uubridge.org

Dina Hoenmans, RE Coordinator, re@uubridge.org

Kathryn Treanor, Outreach Coordinator, info@uubridge.org

To check on service cancellations from inclement weather, dial 1-540-227-3037, then press 0.
Information will be posted by 7 a.m. Sunday.

Our telephone number: (540) 227-3037

All are welcome.  Entrance is the stairs/ramp on the right as you face the building.  A social hour follows the service.  Contributions of finger food are welcome. Dress is casual.

An adult is available on request to provide care to your infant or toddler during the service. If your child is restless, feel free to move to the comfortable lounge area through the double wooden doors.