Upcoming Services

All Services Start at 10:30 AM

Sunday, November 11: White Privilege, with Anne Simon.
Anne will challenge us all to look at how we understand “white privilege” in the context of our lives right here in Rappahannock. We will explore some of the nuances and consequences that result from the many different ways that white privilege plays out in our culture, and perhaps gain some insight about our own personal relationship to it.

Sunday, November 18: Growing Older in Difficult Times, with Rev. Russ Savage
Each one of us is growing older. Yes, even a 12-year-old is older than an 11-year old! What does it mean to be growing older in these difficult times? How are we to interact with one another? What changes do we need to consider? How does growing older affect our spiritual lives? Let’s examine these questions about growing older.

Sunday, November 25: Grateful for Gratitude, with Madlyn Bynum
This service will explore the benefits of cultivating a mindset that is on the lookout for things we can be grateful for. Over the last several years, I’ve read with interest a number of articles about the benefits—both physical and psychological—of cultivating an attitude of gratefulness. I’d like to share some of these findings.

Sunday, December 2: Facing the Holidays Again, with Rev. Russ Savage
Every year it’s the same. We get caught up in the spiral of too much to do and too little time to do it, too many expectations that may result in disappointment. Buying gifts, sending cards, decorating the house, giving and attending parties all take their toll. We’ll look at some simple, practical suggestions for reducing the stress of this busy time of year.

Our Sunday Services are held at Hearthstone School
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Please enter up the ramp on the West (right) side of the Building

Rev. Russ Savage, Minister, minister@uubridge.org, 540-227-3037 x2

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Dina Hoenmans, RE Coordinator, re@uubridge.org

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To check on service cancellations from inclement weather, dial 1-540-227-3037, then press 0.
Information will be posted by 7 a.m. Sunday.

Our telephone number: (540) 227-3037

All are welcome.  Entrance is the stairs/ramp on the right as you face the building.  A social hour follows the service.  Contributions of finger food are welcome. Dress is casual.

An adult is available on request to provide care to your infant or toddler during the service. If your child is restless, feel free to move to the comfortable lounge area through the double wooden doors.