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Sunday, April 4: Easter and Passover: Rev. Russ Savage

Today is Easter, the most holy day in the Christian tradition. It is also the last day of the ten-day observance of Passover, an important time in the Jewish faith. Let us examine these two holy times and what they have to teach us about renewal.

Sunday, April 11: For Whom the Gift is Given, Rev. Russ Savage

Every day we are the recipients of gifts we did not expect or earn. Where do they come from? Why do we get them sometimes and not at other times? Why do we get them sometimes when others don’t, and vice versa? What are we supposed to do about these gifts?

Sunday, April 18, The UUBRidge Town Hall Meeting

During the Town Hall we’ll review the draft of the following year’s budget and meet the candidates for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committees who have come forward to date. It is also a great opportunity for members of the congregation to discuss their support and their concerns, ahead of our Annual Meeting on May 23rd.

Sunday, April 25: From the Heart: A Trans gender Virginian’s Story, Dexter Davis

Join Dexter, a member of Equality Virginia’s Transgender Advocacy Speakers Bureau, for a morning of fellowship and learning while he shares his personal story as a transgender man, followed by plenty of time for dialogue and questions.

The Welcoming Congregation Committee invites you to check out these quick and informative videos to better understand what it means to be transgender, making the world a better and safer place for transgender and other gender diverse people.


Our Sunday Services are held at Hearthstone School
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Rev. Russ Savage, Minister, minister@uubridge.org
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Bet Jones, Treasurer & Bookkeeper, treasurer@uubridge.org
Brittany Roy, Religious Exploration Chair, re@uubridge.org
Brittany Roy, Outreach Coordinator, outreach@uubridge.org

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