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All Services Start at 10:30 AM

Sunday, February 28: Theology- Is It Science, or Poetry?, Rev. Dr. George Kimmich Beach, a. k. a. Kim

The sermon is the third part of a series, “The Jacob’s Ladder of an Examined Faith,” reflecting on personal stories of awakening to a life-changing sense of transcendence. Perhaps you’ve had such an experience yourself! After the first sermon in the series, “Theology as the Quest for a Faith Worth Having,” was given last February, the second and third parts were postponed due to the pandemic. You can view the first part of the series here: https://vimeo.com/395330467.
The second part, a virtual service from January 31st of this year, can be found here: https://vimeo.com/508251970

Sunday, March 7: Women of the World, Rev. Russ Savage

March is Women’s History Month. Throughout history women have played a vital role in human affairs and progress, but often they were nearly invisible. No more! Today women are taking roles of leadership and visibility in many areas of life. Let’s take a look at what they are doing.

Sunday, March 14: Virtual Fellowship Service

Tune into ZOOM with something to share. Offer anything from the inspiring to the mundane or ridiculous; or perhaps share a short poem or quotation that you found meaningful this week. This service is a time to check in with our friends during this pandemic. March’s theme is DIVERSITY.

Sunday, March 21: No One But Us, Rev. Russ Savage

As the time approaches for our annual Pledge Drive, it’s important to examine the role each of us plays in supporting UUBRidge. How important is this religious community to us, and how can we each help it to thrive and succeed?

Miss a service? Watch past services on Vimeo at: vimeo.com/user4770705. Click the FOLLOW button to be notified when new videos upload!

All are welcome. Entrance is the stairs/ramp on the right as you face the building. A social hour follows the service. Contributions of finger food are welcome. Dress is casual.

An adult is available on request to provide care for your infant or toddler during the service. If your child is restless, feel free to move to the comfortable lounge area through the double wooden doors.

Our Sunday Services are held at Hearthstone School
11576 Lee Hwy, Sperryville, 22740 
Please enter up the ramp on the West (right) side of the Building

Rev. Russ Savage, Minister, minister@uubridge.org
James Hanover, Board President, president@uubridge.org
Bet Jones, Treasurer & Bookkeeper, treasurer@uubridge.org
Brittany Roy, Religious Exploration Chair, re@uubridge.org
Brittany Roy, Outreach Coordinator, outreach@uubridge.org

To check on service cancellations from inclement weather, dial 1-540-227-3037, then press 0.
Information will be posted by 7 a.m. Sunday.

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