Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge - Sperryville, Virginia

Important and Friendly Reminder

As we close out fiscal year 2018-19 we find ourselves about 23% short of expected pledge income at this point in the year. Please check your records, and if possible, bring your pledge current by June 23, 2019

Events & Announcements

This year’s SUUSI catalog has been released and is ready for download at suusi.org. The theme for 2019 is “Sacred Spaces.”

July 14-20: The 2019 Southeast Unitarian-Universalist Summer Institute will be held from July 14-20 on the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee, NC, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. The catalog lists our hundreds of workshops, nature trips, and sports & games activities available, as well as this year’s lineup of worship leaders and concert hour musicians.

Most people prefer the electronic version of the catalog, but if you’d prefer a paper copy, you can order one through Amazon for $11.45.

Did you know we have a new way to sign up as a volunteer teacher for our RE program? We do!

Click below or copy and paste the following link into your browser and follow the steps provided:


Just remember, if you haven’t volunteered with us before, we will need to complete a cursory background check prior to your volunteer date.

FREEDOM vs. LIBERTY: Click to Download

Knitting Ministry Do you knit or crochet? Are you interested in joining a knitting group with others from UUBRidge?

A knitting ministry is a group of friends that will meet occasionally to knit prayer/comfort shawls and lap blankets for UUBRidge Members and friends.

Why are they called “prayer” shawls? Because they hold our “prayers” of positive energy for the person who receives a shawl.

Do shawls make a difference? YES! Recipients in other congregations say things like “when I go for chemo I take my shawl and feel that I am not alone.” Another comment “thank you for the beautiful shawl. It is a reminder of the comfort and support that Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge have given me.”

If you are interested, please contact Kathryn Treanor at Outreach@uubridge.org.


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Sunday Services Begin at 10:30 a.m.


On behalf of the entire congregation, I bid you welcome to the Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge.

We gather with our doubts as well as our convictions, with our fears and our hopes, with our failures and our aspirations, with our sorrows and our joys.

Whether you are joining us today for the first time, or you’ve been with us since this congregation’s beginnings in 2008, you are welcome here.

Whatever the faiths you have now – if any – or whatever your heritage, you are welcome here.

Whoever you are and whomever you love, you are welcome here.

However you arrived at this beloved place, you are welcome here.


All Services Start at 10:30 AM

Sunday, May 26: Spiritual Anthropology with Lee Simon

Lee will explore what we term spiritual from three different anthropological perspectives. These are the theological spirit(s), the cultural spirit(s), and the human spirit.

Sunday, June 2: The Gift of Hope with Rev. Russ Savage

Of all the living and sentient beings on the earth, it is likely that humans are the only ones who know the gift of hope. This is so because both hope—and its opposite, despair—have to do with our expectations of the future, and the future is a complex intellectual concept probably not shared by other beings.

Sunday, June 9: Annual Meeting with Dabney & The Board
Join us for our Annual Meeting where we will explore our path forward together as members and friends of UUBRidge, elect new Board officers and approve the budget.

Sunday, June 16: From Generation to Generation (a Multi-Generational service) with Rev. Russ Savage

Our children learn from us, of course. But we also learn from them. This exchange of wisdom from generation to generation goes on all the time, usually without our noticing it. Let’s take a closer look. At this service we will observe the ritual of child dedication and honor those who have worked in our Religious Exploration program this year.

All are welcome. Entrance is the stairs/ramp on the right as you face the building. A social hour follows the service. Contributions of finger food are welcome. Dress is casual.

An adult is available on request to provide care for your infant or toddler during the service. If your child is restless, feel free to move to the comfortable lounge area through the double wooden doors.

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