Religious Exploration at UU Bridge

Unitarian Universalist LogoUsing Spirit Play™, we are able to accommodate children of all ages in our Sunday Program.

Spirit Play™ is based in story and ritual, play and creativity. It gives children the tools to make meaning of their lives and ask questions such as Who am I?, Where did I come from?, and What is my purpose within the container of Unitarian Universalism?

Introducing children to the stories of our faith in a concrete way where they can wonder about the stories at their own level of maturation, intelligence, and creativity, Spirit Play allows children to learn the language for talking about their faith in a non-dogmatic way.

The program encourages independent thinking through wondering with an adult who does not mediate correct answers but truly wonders with the child. It gives the children real choices through freedom within the structure that promotes a sense of community and develops an underlying sense of the spiritual and the mystery of life.

The structure of RE (Religious Exploration) time is as follows:

Class Gathers
Chalice Lighting
Story & Wondering Questions
Child-Directed Activities
Clean Up
Closing Words

If you have any questions about our RE program please contact our RE Coordinator, Brittany Roy, at